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About Me

Jade Fox (She/Here) was born in and raised California. Living in a poor area I found solace in anime and video games. From a young age she was drawn by creativity.

In middle school I worked with peers to learn how to draw anime art. In high school I used these skills to become part of the Vocaloid/Utau fandom. I drew character designs,  illustrated and animated full videos. I also gained audio skills, learning how to mix music, record audio, clean/process vocals, and recording different character types. 

After graduating and spending a few years in the workforce I saw a commercial that would change my life forever. "Create tomorrow, join the Art Institutes." I worked with art and utau as hobby, but this career possibility was always on TV. So one day I called them.

I was enrolled in a game art program. In 4 years I went from assuming games were made by computers to working side by side aspiring creators. I learned 3D art and what it really takes to break into a creative field. 

Sadly the school was a scam. I spent some time trying to gain the skills to break into the field, but eventually bills were calling my name. I still followed my gaming friends, my utau friends, and my art friends, but the feeling of failure made it difficult to go back. 

As many anime fans do, I had held the idea of becoming a voice actor for many years. I practiced the voices when recording my utau and looked into it a few times. After looking through my things I thought, I still have my recording set, why not learn to voice act while going to work?

So that's what I'm doing. Meeting new people and learning what it takes to become a voice actor. I'm just starting this journey but I hope you will cheer me on as I take these new steps!

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